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At Palirox Inter Trans, we offer a diverse range of transportation and logistics services to meet your business needs.

Palirox Inter Trans is a forward-thinking transportation and logistics company founded in October 2020. With a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to redefine industry standards and provide exceptional services to businesses globally. At Palirox Inter Trans, we understand the critical importance of efficient and reliable transportation in today's fast-paced business environment. Whether it's delivering goods across town or across borders, we are dedicated to ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination safely, securely, and on time. Driven by our core principles, we aim to be more than just a transportation provider. We are your trusted partner, offering personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Our experienced team works tirelessly to understand your business objectives and develop strategies to help you achieve success. At Palirox Inter Trans, we believe that success is built on strong relationships and mutual trust. That's why we foster open communication and transparency with our clients, working collaboratively to achieve shared goals. Partner with Palirox Inter Trans for your transportation and logistics needs, and experience the difference of working with a reliable, innovative, and environmentally conscious company. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the modern supply chain and drive your business forward.

  • Reliability: - We prioritize consistency and dependability in every shipment, ensuring that your goods reach their destination safely and on time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: - Your satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, providing personalized service and attentive support.
  • Innovation: - We embrace innovation and technology to optimize our processes and enhance the efficiency of our services, always striving to stay ahead of industry trends and advancements.
  • Sustainability: - Committed to environmental responsibility, we actively pursue sustainable practices in our operations, minimizing our ecological footprint and contributing to a greener future.

Our Services

Transport and Forwarding Partnership

We collaborate with our clients to develop long-term transport and forwarding partnerships tailored to their specific needs. Through these partnerships, we provide personalized services and integrated logistics solutions, contributing to optimizing operations and increasing the efficiency of your business.

Refrigerated Transport

For temperature-sensitive goods, we offer reliable refrigerated transport services. Using vehicles equipped with temperature control systems, we can maintain optimal temperature conditions throughout the entire transportation route, ensuring the freshness and quality of your goods.

Container Transport

For long-distance or international cargo transportation, we offer efficient and reliable container transport services. With experience in handling and transporting standard containers, we ensure the prompt and safe delivery of your goods.

Tautliner Transport

Our tautliner transport service provides flexible and secure transportation solutions for various types of goods. With a modern fleet of vehicles equipped with curtains, we can successfully handle any type of cargo, ensuring the protection and security of your goods.



At Palirox Inter Trans, we differentiate ourselves through our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on quality service and personalized solutions, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and build long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

At Palirox Inter Trans, we prioritize the safety and security of your cargo throughout the transportation process. Our fleet is well-maintained, and our drivers are trained to handle goods with care. Additionally, we utilize advanced tracking and monitoring systems to provide real-time updates on the status and location of your shipment, giving you peace of mind knowing your cargo is in safe hands.

Yes, our experienced team at Palirox Inter Trans is equipped to handle a wide range of cargo types and specialized transportation needs. Whether you have oversized cargo, hazardous materials, or require customized transportation solutions, we can develop a tailored plan to accommodate your specific requirements.

While based in [insert location], Palirox Inter Trans provides transportation services both domestically and internationally. Whether you need cargo transported locally, regionally, or across borders, we have the capabilities to meet your requirements effectively..

Yes, Palirox Inter Trans is fully licensed and insured to operate as a transportation and logistics company. We comply with all relevant regulations and standards to ensure the safety and security of your cargo during transportation..

You can reach us by phone at +40 743 280 210 or by email at office@palirox.net. Additionally, you can visit our office located at str. Mihail Kogalniceanu, nr.24, sc B, ap 2, Botosani, Romania. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or transportation needs you may have.

We offer a variety of services tailored to your cargo transportation requirements, including:

  • Tautliner Transport: Secure transportation of goods using tautliner trailers, suitable for various types of cargo.
  • Container Transport: Efficient transport of goods using standard containers, ensuring safe and timely delivery.
  • Refrigerated Transport: Temperature-controlled transportation solutions for perishable goods, maintaining product freshness throughout the journey.
  • Transport Partnership: Collaborative transportation arrangements to optimize logistics and enhance efficiency.
  • Freight Forwarding: Comprehensive freight forwarding services to manage the entire logistics process from start to finish.

Palirox Inter Trans is a transportation and logistics company founded in October 2020. Specializing in road freight transport and freight forwarding services, we offer a range of solutions to meet your transportation needs.